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Your tween daughter with diabetes knows the Girl Scout cookies with the fewest carbs per cookie and uses that in her sales pitch to everyone---whether they have diabetes or not!


Your 10 year old tween with diabetes announces at school that he has lost his "site" and his classmates think he has gone blind!


You ask for a pen and your tween with diabetes brings you the insulin pen.


You realize people are staring at you in the cleaning aisle after you pick up a new product and exclaim to your family, "Hey, I bet this would get the blood off the bedroom wall!"


You have been doing frequent night checks because your tween with diabetes has been running a fever and find yourself in the bathroom getting Children's Tylenol before you realize the 103 was on the glucose meter, not the digital thermometer.


You ask your tween with diabetes what they had for lunch and they reply 45 carbs!


You travel with as much food as you do baggage!


You glance at the subject line of an email and it reads "I did my first insertion!" and it's not a porn spam!


The school's phone number shows up on caller ID and you hope it is the principal and not the school nurse!


You know what a pediatric endocrinologist is.


Asked what's sexy in a man, you quickly respond, "Good injection technique and a willingness to do 3 a.m. checks."


The two things you fear the most are field trips and sleepovers.


 You laugh out loud reading this list.

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